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China New Energy Chamber of Commerce (CNECC) was officially established on January 13, 2006, in Beijing, with the mission of Encouraging the sustainable development of the national economy and making a contribution to the building of a harmonious socialist society. Originally established by Farsighted Group and various other enterprises in the renewable energy field, China New Energy Chamber of Commerce now has more than 400 members and is growing faster every year. The Chamber remains true to its original role as a non-profit organization made up of enterprises, groups and individuals involved in the new energy and related industries and now includes members from the fields of solar energy, wind power, hydropower, biomass energy, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project development, fuel cell research & development, and energy information consulting. Li Hejun, President of Farsighted Group and Chairman of the Directorate, was elected as the first Chairman of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce.

We aim to assist our members in thoroughly understanding the related rules, policies, incentives and opportunities of relevance to those involved in the Chinese new energy sector, thereby helping them to achieve success. In undertaking these duties we especially benefit from the support and guidance of the All-China Industry of Federation and Commerce (ACFIC). We offer our members the following services:

Policy Consulting: We can assist in explaining the latest Chinese government policies and their effects on the work of our members. By conducting proactive discussions with government members and departments we are able to better understand new laws and regulations affecting our members and help them to comply with and even participate in the creation of new industry regulation.

Latest News: We provide our members with the latest news in the Chinese new energy industry related to economics, technology, manufacturing, management, financing and legislation.

Domestic Collaboration: We encourage a spirit of cooperation and collective assistance amongst our members, and support the work of trade fairs, exhibitions, forums and other events aiming to develop the Chinese new energy industry.

China-Overseas Mutual Assistance: We wish to strengthen international collaboration in the industry through collaboration with international industrial and trade associations, support of overseas trade fairs and important industry events, and partnership with international media, etc. The overall aim is to strengthen China-overseas trade relationships and interaction in the new energy sector.

Protecting Our Members: We do our best to safeguard the legal rights and interests of our members,quickly responding to any difficulties they may encounter. We are especially receptive to the ideas and requirements of our members, helping them to face and solve any industry-related problems.

Providing Useful Information: We undertake industry research, organise and compile industry development reports, and organise various industry-leading seminars and forums, in order to provide our members with the accurate and up-to-date information and guidance needed to establish quality brands and succeed in the Chinese market.

Socially Responsible: We assist our members in undertaking work that can contribute to the good of society.

Maintain Strong Links With ACFIC and Chinese Government: To encourage members to participate in relevant activities held by ACFIC, and bring the attention of members to matters of importance as decreed by the ACFIC and related government departments.

China New Energy Chamber of Commerce is divided into four departments - the Administrative Department, the Membership Operations Department, the Exhibitions & Training Department, and the Investigation & Research Department. We warmly welcome those with an interest in the new energy industry to join China New Energy Chamber of Commerce, and help us to develop this exciting new energy industry together. We are actively involved in exchanges and collaborations with other new energy organizations and constantly seeking new partners who share our vision of the development of the Chinese new energy industry, the improvement of our energy infrastructure, and the sustainable development of our economy. Indeed, it is our ultimate goal to make a contribution to the sustainable development of human society as a whole.

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